British royal Prince Charles has refused to attend London's LIVE 8 concert - despite having been present at the legendary LIVE AID show 20 years ago (85).

The prince claims he has a "prior engagement", but as he was expected to attend his PRINCE'S TRUST PARTY IN THE PARK in Hyde Park, which has now been cancelled to make way for the charity gig, insiders are convinced the fears being seen to support the controversial G8 protest.

A source says, "Debt relief is a worthy cause but encouraging people to march on G8 is a different matter.

"It wouldn't be wise for the prince to appear to endorse it."

But the news will come as a bitter blow to organiser SIR BOB GELDOF - as he donated $3 million (GBP1.6 million) from Live 8's ticket text lottery to the Prince's Trust as a thank you for scrapping their annual pop concert.

23/06/2005 13:36