London police have promised to investigate a British newspaper's claims they planted a fake bomb onto the grounds of Windsor Castle - just days before Prince Charles will marry Camilla Parker Bowles there.

The Sun newspaper today (07APR05) printed pictures of a hire van, it claims contains a fake bomb, parked within metres of Queen Elizabeth II's Windsor Castle apartment, having driven past St George's Chapel - where the couple will be blessed on Saturday (09APR05).

A reporter and photographer for the newspaper claim they passed through the castle's $9.5 million (GBP5 million) security barrier with "breathtaking ease" - the second time security at the castle has been breached. Two Polish tourists climbed a perimeter fence and reached the Queen's bedroom window while she was in residence.

Metropolitan Police chief SIR IAN BLAIR has ordered an immediate inquiry.

A statement reads, "It's only right the facts are established before any action is taken against any person who may be culpable."

07/04/2005 14:13