British royal Prince Charles and his second wife CAMILLA, Duchess of Cornwall may not be legally married. New evidence in a newly-released government document showed that the Prince was warned around the time of his divorce from DIANA, Princess Of Wales, that he could not lawfully remarry, according to British newspaper Daily Mail. The uncovered writing made it clear that members of the British Royal Family could not get married in a register office and the Anglican church would have a 'moral obligation' to refuse uniting the two divorcees. The Lord Chancellor, LORD FALCONER, allowed the pair to marry in April last year (05) despite being aware of this advice. CHARLES MOSLEY, an expert on formal marriages and society events says, "This could be the trigger that brings about the passing of the throne to (PRINCE) WILLIAM. "We have to know whether our King is legally married or not." A spokesperson for the royal family argues, "We received advice from four different legal sources, all of whom agreed there was no bar to members of the Royal Family marrying in a civil ceremony. "The main advice came from the Government."