British royal Prince Charles is officially funding his partner CAMILLA PARKER BOWLES' lavish lifestyle - at an estimated cost of $450,000 (GBP250,000) a year.

Charles, 56, has admitted to paying for Camilla's driver, gardener, secretaries, guards, grooming and travel expenses - as well as access to his 28 full-time palace staff.

And Camilla has now been mentioned for the first time in the Prince's official accounts, which state that he finances her lifestyle with his own income from the Duchy of Cornwall which is now worth $830 million (GBP463 million).

The Prince's private secretary SIR MICHAEL PEAT says, "We've never sought to hide it. There is sensitivity about public money and how it's used.

"Mrs Parker Bowles doesn't want anyone to suggest she is benefiting from public money."

01/07/2004 14:04