Prince Albert II of Monaco has refused to comment on a sensational new book, which claims the European royal has fathered a second child out of wedlock. French journalists LENA LUTAUD and THIBAULT DROMARD allege the monarch is father to a 14-year-old American teenager, following an affair with California waitress TAMARA ROTOLO in 1991. The authors quote a friend of Prince as saying, "Albert and Tamara Rotolo met on the Cote d'Azur (France) in July 1991 where Tamara had come with her husband on holiday.... She was married, Albert was careless. "Less than four weeks later, in August 1991, Tamara told Albert that she was pregnant. "Described as a mature, pleasant and intelligent young girl, JAZMIN GRACE was born in March 1992 in Palm Springs, California." The teen's second name is believed to be in memory of the Prince's late mother Grace Kelly. The report claims Rotolo attempted filed a paternity suit against the Prince in 1992, but a California court dismissed it on grounds of improper jurisdiction. Lutaud and Dromard claim the Prince will publicly acknowledge his paternity this month (JUN06). Last year (05), Prince Albert was forced to admit he was dad to two-year-old ALEXANDRE after a romance with Togo air stewardess Nicole Coste.