Fans of Primus and Puscifier were urged to take part in a global "drum circle" on Monday (21Jul14) to mark the moment rocker Tim Alexander's heart is stopped for surgery.

The drummer, who has performed with both bands, recently suffered a heart attack and he was scheduled for surgery on Monday morning.

Members of his family asked fans to join them for a "global drum circle" at 7.30am local time in Los Angeles.

In a statement released on Sunday (20Jul14), Alexander's nearest and dearest wrote: "Sometime tomorrow, Tim's heart will be stopped for his open heart surgery. The heart is like a drum and we need to help keep it going, so during this time we ask you to help carry the beat.

"Whether it be drums, percussion or even in your head, we'd like to start a global drum circle to send positive, healing energy to Tim. Any and all prayers, healing words and thoughts would also be greatly appreciated."