Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie has put his wild days of drugs and partying behind him after becoming a father.

The ROCKS rocker says he no longer wants to spend his time hellraising now that he is a dad to 13-month-old son WOLF.

Bobby says, "Watching Wolf grow up has made my life a whole lot better. My son is amazing. It's a beautiful thing to have this little person who is so full of love and wonder. Wolf makes me laugh and makes me happy."

And having found happiness with Wolf's mother, KATIE ENGLAND, Bobby says he no longer craves the hardcore days of sex and drugs and rock'n'roll that he used to live in the early years of the legendary band.

The reformed character explains, "I'd much rather be on a stage with the best band in the world than lying smacked up in a corner somewhere.

"People have this perception of me as some kind of wasted rock star. But if you were wasted all the time you wouldn't be able to do the work. Primal Scream have made three great albums in the last five years.

"People think a lot of what's happened to us all happened to me. I ended up representing the entire excesses of Primal Scream. But if one man had done all we'd done he'd be dead 10 times over."