Scottish rockers Primal Scream were once forced to turn down Kylie Minogue's request to work with them - because they were too high on drugs to commit to the project.
Frontman Bobby Gillespie reveals the band was approached by the Australian pop star in the early 1990s to pen a song for her, but they were in no fit state to oblige.
He says, "She did ask us to write a song for her once, we met her and she was f**king lovely. This was when she was a proper pop star, in 1992 or around about then.
"However, we were too f**ked up to even write a song for ourselves at that time."
And drugs were so abundant at their earlier gigs, Minogue was even offered a supply of narcotics when she paid a backstage visit to Primal Scream at one of their gigs.
Gillespie adds: "People were offering her stuff and she said, 'Thanks, but no thanks'. She was lovely."