Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie insists some of his greatest moments would never have been recorded without drugs, but he insists over indulgence destroys creativity. The MOVIN' ON UP hitmaker has turned his back on mind-altering substances in recent years, yet he is grateful to chemically-induced states of mind for helping the band produce some of their strongest material. He says, "HIGHER THAN THE SUN wouldn't exist if we weren't on ecstasy and involved in acid house music. "KOWALSKI would never have been written if we hadn't had amphetamine psychosis." But the rocker now prefers his drug-free life: "You can't be creative if you're f**ked up on drugs. So I prefer to be clean. "In 1992 we spent six weeks at the Roundhouse Studios in London making a follow-up to SCREAMADELICA. "But we didn't get anything done because a lot of the band got into heroin. Jamming for hours if you're totally wasted doesn't produce songs of any consequence."