Primal Scream frontman Bobby Gillespie has blasted late music mogul Scott Piering and confessed he still harbours a grudge 21 years after they fell out.
The Scottish singer had a furious bust-up with Piering in 1990 after the band was relegated down the bill for a broadcast of British music show Top of the Pops to make way for Piering's band, The Klf.
Gillespie admits he's still raging over the incident and cannot forgive Piering, even though the publicist died from cancer in 2000.
The rocker tells Culture magazine, "Piering shafted us. It was bulls**t. I wanted to break his legs. I thought we were finished. (Our single) Come Together stayed in the charts, but we never got back on Top of the Pops, and it should have been a huge hit.
"I've never talked about this before, but it was truly devastating. The anger drove us - it still drives us. I cannot forgive the guy, even now he's dead."