Pretty In Pink actor Jon Cryer is thrilled to be starring in CHARLIE SHEEN's new sitcom TWO AND A HALF MEN - but he's waiting for the show to be a success before he celebrates.

The recently-debuted show is the actor's sixth sitcom since 1989, and he's had his high hopes crushed before.

He says, "I get into a nice delusional state where I kind of think that this was all just one long show where I just have big two-year hiatuses and for some reason they just keep changing the name of my character."

Two and a Half Men ranked at number 12 in last week's (ends10OCT03) NIELSEN ratings, making it one of this autumn's most successful shows. Cryer says he copes with the unpredictability of the TV world by refusing to worry about the things he can't control.

He explains, "Executives are insane in this business, and actors are insane, because we are all held responsible for thing we really have no power over. Once you step back from it, then you can kind of enjoy the craziness."

14/10/2003 02:17