The Pretenders recorded their new album in less than two weeks.

Singer Chrissie Hynde says she loves the "high energy" sound of 'Break Up The Concrete' which she claims is a result of their quick rate of work.

She said: "This is the way albums used to be made. Every time anyone makes a record they want it to have energy, but usually it doesn't happen. We recorded the album in 11 days so it's pretty high energy, it's very spontaneous and live."

The 57-year-old star - whose first album 'Pretenders' was released in 1980 - admits she has no idea how much longer she will keep making music.

She added: "I'll do this this year and I'll see what I feel like doing next year. If I feel like going to Brazil and hanging out, I'll do that.

"I don't have any big master plan. I can't believe I got away with it this long."