World's Fair Release Debut Album 'Bastards Of The Party' For Free Download

World's Fair Release Debut Album 'Bastards Of The Party' For Free Download

Fresh from tearing down the stage alongside heavy hitters like Danny Brown, A$AP Ferg and Run The Jewels at Fool's Gold Day Off in Brooklyn yesterday, Queens rap collective World's Fair kick holes in speakers worldwide with their debut album Bastards Of The Party, available now for free download.

The album is a futuristic boom-bap collage from six truly unique MCs, seamlessly weaving party-crushing cuts like "B.O.T.P." and "Get Out" alongside raw-nerve confessionals, late night rollers and straight up BARS. From the anthemic "96 Knicks" to the introspective closer "Blacklisted," Bastards Of The Party is a self-assured, infinitely listenable mission statement heralding World's Fair's arrival as the new New York crew to watch.

'Bastards Of The Party' tracklist:

1. Pre-Game
2. '96 Knicks 
3. Heathrow (Children Of The Night)
4. Sammy Sosa (Jeff Donna, Cody B. Ware, Nasty Nigel & Remy Banks)
5. Get Out (Prince SAMO, Nasty Nigel & Remy Banks) 
6. Nem Diggas
7. V.S.O.P. (Cody B. Ware, Prince SAMO, Remy Banks, Nasty Nigel & Lansky Jones)
8. BLISSKISS (DJ Thoth) 
9. Wave Ride (Cody B. Ware, Nasty Nigel & Prince SAMO)
10. B.O.T.P (Nasty Nigel, Prince SAMO, Cody B. Ware & Jeff Donna)
11. Your Girls Here PT. II (Cody B. Ware, Jeff Donna, Remy Banks & Prince SAMO)
12. Rear View (Remy Banks, Lansky Jones & Cody B. Ware) 
13. Blacklisted