V.o. Announces New Album 'On Rapids' Released May 6th 2013

V.o. Announces New Album 'On Rapids' Released May 6th 2013

Brussels-based sextet, V.O. gathers some of the finest musicians of Belgium's indie scene, working between albums in scoring music for dance, theatre and film. Led by multi-instrumentalist Boris Gronemberger (ex-Françoiz Breut, ex-Raymondo), the band benefits from the talents of Cédric Castus (Castus, ex-Raymondo), Frédéric Renaux (Castus, ex-Raymondo), Aurélie Muller (The Tellers, ex-Melon Galia, ex-Soy Un Caballo), Ludovic Bouteligier (Le Yéti, ex-Major Deluxe) and Frank Baya (Mièle, ex-Françoiz Breut)

Carefully crafted by ever exploring musicians, On Rapids is V.O.'s third album (after Pictures and Obstacles, released in 2005 and 2008 on Matamore Recordings), the first one to welcome songs in french, and undoubtedly their best so far. The legendary John McEntire was chosen for the recording and the mixing of the record, which took place in his Soma Studio in Chicago. The process took 20 days, the adequate time for both parties to get to know and understand each other, and operate together on the highest level possible.

Driven by punctuating horn accents, a subtle drum play and a characteristic vocal signature, these eleven song evolve in contrasted ryhmic patterns and flirt with the harmonic vertigo, never taking the simplistic path. Yet, these elaborate compositions remain purely pop and luminous, echoing Robert Wyatt, Brian Wilson or Jim O'Rourke.

Hear for yourself, and let your mind float to this intoxicating tense jazzy feel. Be warned, On Rapids is an album filled with contagious lucidity.