The Spirit Of Christmas, Is Being Released For Download On 9 December 2013, By 11 Year-old Fynnjan Leach-verhoeven [Listen]

The Spirit Of Christmas, Is Being Released For Download On 9 December 2013, By 11 Year-old Fynnjan Leach-verhoeven [Listen]

A beautiful new song, The Spirit of Christmas, is being released for download on 9 December 2013, by 11 year-old Fynnjan Leach-Verhoeven. The schoolboy from Buckinghamshire, who has Asperger's Syndrome (a condition on the autism spectrum), has written and recorded the track with the support of his local school, Seer Green Primary, in order to raise money for charity and raise awareness of autism.  The single is available NOW to preorder.

Fynnjan hopes The Spirit of Christmas will get to Christmas Number 1, which would make him the youngest ever writer/performer to top the charts. But more so, Fynnjan simply wants to highlight issues around Asperger's and autism and to raise money to help the National Autistic Society, Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy and special educational needs provision at his local primary, Seer Green School.
Like many children with Asperger's syndrome, Fynnjan was a socially awkward uncommunicative child. He shied away from group events, especially anything musical. Randomly, one day late last year, he wrote a melody. With the encouragement of his primary school music teacher, he added lyrics. Along with his school choir The Spirit of Christmas was performed at the annual school assembly where he sang the solo himself in front of hundreds of people.
It was a jaw-dropping moment for his mother Su, who had never heard him sing. Fynnjan allowed his song to be recorded on the proviso that his school friends could join in, and that any money raised would go to help other children with autism and Asperger's syndrome.
Fynnjan has seen fantastic support from his local community and has already attracted attention from the national media with ITV Daybreak, BBC Radio 4, The Sun, Channel 5 News and ITV London Tonight covering this astounding and heartwarming story.
The Spirit of Christmas is being released for download on the 9 December with the endorsement of the National Autistic Society and Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy. It is a symbol of how, with the right encouragement, a child with Asperger's can achieve great things and find a role in society. Fynnjan is grateful for the support he received from local special educational needs staff at his primary school. They helped transform him from hiding under the table to become a confident happy boy.
The lyrics of The Spirit of Christmas looks at Christmas as being all about sledging and Christmas crackers, but ultimately concludes that what really matters are families and friends getting together.
The Spirit of Christmas was recorded at Runway Studio thanks to the support of studio owner Adrienne Aiken. Adrienne, who also produced the track, commented, 'When I first met Fynnjan, I was amazed by his intelligence, enthusiasm and creativity. For a non-singer, his pitch was really accurate and his voice had a lovely innocence and beauty. As a songwriter myself, I thought the song he had written had such a great hooky chorus and really made you want to sing along. I was delighted to be asked to record this song, and his wish to involve the school and donate any income made from the record to charity was truly inspiring'.

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