Theparade Release 'Belle Of The Ball' Digital Download On 14th February 2014

Theparade Release 'Belle Of The Ball' Digital Download On 14th February 2014

Dock Dolly's and Daggermen, Back Street Britannia, dust off your rags and get ready for a rumpus - ThePARADE are set to break hearts throughout 2014. 

ThePARADE commence proceedings with a gothic gift for Valentines Day in the form of 'Belle Of The Ball'.  This song presents a haunting despair in heavy guitar riffs, warring, ethereal vocals and the crashing of a doombeat drum and will be given to all those who join ThePARADE on their website from 14th February onwards.  

The founding thorn in songwriter Matthew Pritchard, scars his despair in lyrical offerings worthy of a modern day laureate. Stuck between its two roses, vocalist and percussionist Jemimah Dean and pure as new laid snow-pianist/guitarist Carla Jean still represent that ever illusive ménages à trois line up.

Joining ThePARADE on the calls of the fallen are the post-rock instrumentalists - drummer Chris Garth and bass and synth manipulator James Bridges, bringing the dark pop sound of foraged happiness alive.

In anticipation for its digital release and upcoming video on the 14th February. ThePARADE show hand in hand that Villains are found in the sweetest of smiles and that Monsters can be made in all of us.

ThePARADE will continue to perform monthly shows in London throughout early 2014, with more tracks soon to be announced.

Forthcoming London Dates:
31st January - Barfly Jubilee, Camden
28th February - Stags Head, Hoxton