The Mariner's Children Announce New 'Sycamore Ep' Out February 25th 2013

The Mariner's Children Announce New 'Sycamore Ep' Out February 25th 2013

Following on from their critically acclaimed New Moore Island EP, 7-piece band The Mariner's Children return with a new work, Sycamore EP, as devastating and as poignantly beautiful as their last. Hinging on the themes of love and death, songwriter Benedict Rubinstein explores the relationships between these experiences and how both can distort logic. 

"Sycamore came from a period when I'd gone to a lot of funerals in a very short space of time. I was thinking about death a lot but I was also in quite a good place in my life and very much in love, so felt quite able to write about the most terrifying thing from a pretty contented place. It's not a happy song - it's about everything ending and nature and time conquering all and there being nothing you can do about it but work to accept it - but it didn't come from a place of despair. The track is about death, but it's definitely a love song." 

The Mariner's Children include members of Peggy Sue, Laura Marling, Sons of Noel and Adrian, Alessi's Ark, and Eyes & No Eyes. 

Drawing inspiration from Chris Taylor's (Grizzly Bear) approach to production, Angels of Light, and Pentangle amongst others, their music has at the same time all the immense instrumentation of Arcade Fire and the subtlety of the likes of Iron & Wine and Bonnie Prince Billy. Songs drift from sparse, delicate understatement to thunderous intensity in the blink of an eye.  Lyrically, Benedict Rubinstein creates incredible confessional tales, often with an underlying darkness. "I've no wish to die, I've no wish to leave your side, but if I go before you then heed these words of mine- let my flesh feed the sycamore tree, in its arms you can climb if you ever feel you're missing me." 

Sycamore is released on Broken Sound Music, home also toRachael Dadd, Sons of Noel and Adrian, Forest Fire, Eyes & No Eyes. 

The EP was produced and recorded by Ian Grimble (The Manic Street Preachers, Beth Orton, Communion, etc) at two different studios - Rockfield (a converted stable), and 2khz (a converted church). 

The Mariner's Children are a rare find, who have been in no rush to launch themselves into the public domain. 

Their return has been every bit worth the wait - prepare for the long player later in 2013.