The Courtesans Releases Stream Of Hazy Doompop Track 'Lullaby' Their Debut Album '1917' [Listen]

The Courtesans Releases Stream Of Hazy Doompop Track 'Lullaby' Their Debut Album '1917' [Listen]

After their first single release of 'Genius' last month, The Courtesans are excited to announce they are to make available their debut album '1917' to the general public in October, through the Belle Epoque imprint.

Before now, '1917' was only accessible to Pledgers in support of the group's massively successful crowdfunding scheme, but it will be soon out for the public to buy. The release will be promoted by a handful of UK live dates, for which further details are yet to be announced.

Created out of the band's lust for creative performance and sensational, edgy music, The Courtesans' debut album '1917' is an ever-evolving collection of music inspired by metal, electro-pop and even a little dubstep.

The Courtesans started recording towards the end of 2013 to make permanent their back catalogue of cinematic songs, influenced by their mesmerising live performances which have included hot wax and burlesque moves.

The result is '1917': a sonically-outstanding, wide-screen record, rooted firmly in the realms of rock while whimsically jumping between genres and layers. We can see the group's distinctly unique vibe, the loud electronic drums,  guitars blended with uneven bass, and incredible vocal harmonies.

'1917' is, ultimately, a declaration of independence.

1. Scream
2. Venus in Furs
3. Sleaze
4. Genius
5. Indigo
6. Lullaby
7. Blood Money
8. Dirty Killer
9. Swallow
10. Hard Man to Kill
11. Liberate