Erlen Meyer Meyer Release Debut Self-titled Album On May 20th 2013

Erlen Meyer Meyer Release Debut Self-titled Album On May 20th 2013

Shelsmusic - the label that brought you genre breaking debut albums by the likes of Black Sheep Wall, Sons of Noel And Adrian, Latitudes, Admiral Angry, Mahumodo, *shels and many more is extremely excited to announce the release of Erlen Meyer's debut self-titled album on May 20th.

Based in Limoges, France, Erlen Meyer create dark and ferocious musical landscapes, with vicious, throat-shredding vocals erupting over raging guitars - snarling with every discordant twist and turn - reminiscent of Will Haven's legendary "El Diablo" or Vision of Disorder's "Imprint".

Produced by Cult of Luna's Magnus Lindberg in Stockholm Sweden - it was only days before recording that the group was devastated with the untimely death of their drummer, Romain DJOUDI, due to a tragic motorcycle accident. Erlen Meyer's resulting savage debut encapsulates the events both in the music and album artwork - the raw and sobering emotion is unlike anything we have encountered, and together with the masterful production, Erlen Meyer's debut has the potential to be one of the year's most important heavy releases.

Erlen Meyer's debut self-titled album is set for worldwide release through Shelsmusic on May 20th, 2013. The group have started booking UK/French dates in March with fellow label-mates Latitudes and Manatees.

Tracklisting:  Self Titled
1. Gamla Stan
2. Nuit
3. Agatha
4. Les Caprices de Remington
5. Temple du Cri
6. Sans Fleur ni Couronne
7. Ex-Voto
8. Bouche Cousue
9. Bec et Ongles