Proviant Audio 'Drift Days And Disco Nights' 11th October 2013

Proviant Audio 'Drift Days And Disco Nights' 11th October 2013

Norwegian disco pioneer and studio wonder Mathias Stubø is back as Proviant Audio with a brand new album of forward thinking modern glitter ball grooves on the newly launched Paper Recordings sub-label Paper Disco along with Oslo Records. 

Proviant Audio is Mathias' live band brainchild that first emerged two years ago with the genre-busting 'Real Love Tastes Like This!' album.  It cracked the Norwegian charts and found fans with the likes of Ross Allen, Wolf + Lamb, The Revenge, and Ashley Beedle.  Taking a whole range of musical influences, it mashed them together in to a coherent montage of hip hop, house, soul and future disco grooves that signalled the arrival of a major new talent with a totally fresh sound.

In the meantime, as well as having had two 'Mathias Stubø' albums out on BBE he has been touring Scandanavia, building in to a big draw on the live circuit and a true successor to the likes of Lindstrom and Todd Terje. 

And now he's back as Proviant Audio with 'Drift Days & Disco Nights', an album that captures the 2013 disco zeitgeist and sounding like the album Daft Punk could have made if they hadn't moved to LA and dug up the spirit of Fleetwood Mac.  It features Mathais' trademark choppy production, made from live recordings but flipped round and re-sampled giving it a classic sound but with a modern sensibility and boy, can he write a hook! 

It's got tracks like the good times neon lit How Does It Feel? (featuring bona fide Norwegian star Lido Lido), the deep disco of Main Girl, cut 'n paste on TBG Life, summer vibes with Find A Way, 80s Trevor Horn action on Be For Me, the Balearic Drifting and the warped up, wonked out big band It's Back and that's just some. 

It's not easy Tom came up with something genuinely fresh with disco but Proviant Audio has gone and done it! First single Once I Thought drops on September 23 with mixes from fellow countryman Prins Thomas plus Paper regulars Flash Atkins, Leon Sweet and Chris Massey.