Outer Limits Recordings  Singles, Demos And Rarities (2007-2010) - Album Released On April 15th 2013

Outer Limits Recordings Singles, Demos And Rarities (2007-2010) - Album Released On April 15th 2013

Since the demise of Test Icicles in 2006, we've witnessed Dev Hynes evolve into Solange Knowles' right-hand man via his own musical projects. Rory Atwell developed as a producer, bringing us records from Yuck, Palma Violets and S.C.U.M amongst others, but the intriguing Sam Mehran remained elusive and fans have continued to question his whereabouts and creative plans. Until now.

Today, we're very happy to unveil not only news of the forthcoming release by Mehran's Outer Limits Recordings, Singles, Demos and Rarities (2007-2010) on April 15th 2013 but also streams of 'Sugar Pie' and previously unheard track 'Liberty', which are taken from the collection.

OLR is one of several artistic monikers adopted by the prodigiously talented songwriter and bedroom pop pioneer - an artist with which we have been fascinated for some time and from whom the world will be hearing brand new music soon.

Before that, however, this new compilation (released on double LP in a one-time run of 500 copies exclusively through Dom Mart) deserves to be heard. It documents one of the most prolific creative periods in his career so far, pulling together twenty solid gold pop nuggets from various limited edition 7? and cassette releases scattered across some of the world's best underground labels (Olde English Spelling Bee, True Panther Sounds, Not Not Fun) as well as a host of hitherto unreleased material recorded in the same relentlessly inspired moment in time.

Deliriously woozy power-pop earworms, the songs of Outer Limits Recordings sound like surreal, alternate dimension AM radio smashes that are in equal parts fantastically childlike and unsettling in the way their instantly memorable, candy-coated hooks evoke peculiar tales of longing, alienation and anxiety.

The story of Outer Limits Recordings, as Sam says "ended somewhere in the spring of 2011" but explains that this collection is merely rounding off an era in his life:

"I feel like I have many stories ahead of me. Over the past few years I've learnt that people are people and music is music and I can't really judge or say I believe deep down that one this is genuinely better than another, Life is just so crazy. I used to think I was an alien, but Earth has been such an epic experience that I'm now glad to call it home. But who knows, maybe one day I'll leave and realize that home was some place else."

This compilation represents the perfect portal into a special artistic imagination, a thrilling outsider-art artefact and even more reason for excitement regarding whatever Mehran dreams up next.

Tracklisting for Singles, Demos & Rarities (2007-2010)

Side One:
$20 Dollar Bill
Smokin Trails
Side Two:
Mind Kontrol (Ultra)
I Need MY T.V.
Sugar Pie
Plastik Child
Side Three:
Heart Beats Away
I Want You
Beach Babe
Little Dreams
Maui Waui Mow Wow
Side Four:
Hard Love
I'm An Alien
Digital Girls
Get A Load (Of Me)
Burnin Thru The Night