North Americans Announces Debut Lp 'No_no' To Drop 2nd December, 2013 Stream '2004' Now

North Americans Announces Debut Lp 'No_no' To Drop 2nd December, 2013 Stream '2004' Now

To Driftless Recordings announces the release of North Americans' ambient stylings in the form of his debut album 'NO_NO' - due for release on 2nd December, 2013.

Ambient music is like a painting hanging on a kitchen wall; Barely noticed, often ignored. Brian Eno's first ambient music experience transpired from a hospital bed, where he listened to quiet music meld with the sonic worlds of his recovery room and environmental sounds wafting through an open window.

North Americans is a backdrop to your everyday experience as much as it is a gyrating antagonizer of all the things on your mind at any given moment. It's computer music with an surprisingly organic base, cyborgian at times. Discerning where, when, and how Patrick's sounds are born can be difficult. Sliced and diced chunks of time and space rotate from cloud to cloud, screaming about nothing. North Americans is the sound of expunging information.

Patrick McDermott (co-founder of Driftless Recordings) began crafting North Americans in New York City. It's his soundtrack for escaping New York as much as it is a celebration of the City's intoxicating beauty. A two-faced beast that's both dark-sided and confrontational, hopeful and optimistic.

North Americans debut album 'NO_NO' is due for release on 2nd December 2013 on limited edition vinyl and digital formats.


1. 2004
2. Danny Green
3. Manu Ginobili
4. Chris Anderson
5. Torch
6. Roy Hibbert
7. Ryan Braun
8. Chris Davis