New Album 'Wedodo' From The Thangs Out Oct 22nd 2013

New Album 'Wedodo' From The Thangs Out Oct 22nd 2013

During the summer of 2013, Data Garden received an audio document attributed to The THANGS, entitled Wedodo. Phenomena on this album are consistent with descriptions of real-life encounters of The THANGS - unexplained sounds inducing silver dreams and, in some cases, mass confusion. These continuations are highly unstable. Charged with excitement, modulating and avoiding clear cadences, they are generally characterized by a rapid rate of change.

Investigations commissioned by Data Garden have attempted to gather photographic evidence of The THANGS. While research teams describe having direct contact with these phenomena, The THANGS appear on film as nothing more than unexplained colors and extrasolar events. With no conclusive visual documentation of these occurrences, it is still generally accepted among the scientific community that The THANGS do, indeed, exist.

Current theories related on the existence of The THANGS suggest that they are hand-crafted manifestations of creative energy. These are described as being generated from fragments of experience transmitted by pen, paper, audio samples, memories and the rhythms of life.

It is the hope of Data Garden that making this work available to the public will allow a greater understanding of The THANGS role in society while inspiring individuals to make their own advances in this growing field of research.

The THANGS' Wedodo will be released in a LIMITED EDITION run of 75 Plantable Albums available Type in the URL and code on the back of your album to download your music. Plant the artwork and watch it grow into tropical flowers!