Museum Of Bellas Artes Debut Album 'Pieces' Drops 11th November 2013

Museum Of Bellas Artes Debut Album 'Pieces' Drops 11th November 2013

After a four year wait, Stockholm three-piece Museum of Bellas Artes cut the ribbon on their eagerly anticipated debut LP, 'Pieces', out 11th November on Best Fit Recordings.

Full-bodied, baroque and seductively melodramatic, 'Pieces' trails the darker climes of luxe-pop, melting disco beats into church organ, sustained synth pads into chiming bells and pistols-at-dawn guitars into post-punk basslines.

Alice Luther's red velvet voice flails like a Grand Dame treading the Boards - the operatic electronica of opener 'Fantasia' paying its dues to Goldfrapp's Felt Mountain. 'Twine' scurries along in a Balearic whirlwind and the haunting presence of 'Maze of Shells' lingers like a Victorian ghost.

'Bear Cubs' and 'Swan Boats' flex their rhythmic muscles with guitar and never has a 'Relapse' sounded more enticing. It's all brought to a suitably theatrical conclusion with album clincher 'Glass'.

Childhood friends Joanna Herskovits, Leonard Thman and Alice Luther assembled the band back in 2009 and released the neon-flecked debut EP 'Days Ahead' a year later.

As they up the sonic histrionics and dim the lights, forget everything you thought you knew about Swedish pop and start over.

Museum of Bellas Artes' debut album 'Pieces' will be released on 11th November, 2013 via Best Fit Recordings in digital and limited edition vinyl formats.

1. Fantasia
2. Abyss
3. Twine
4. Maze of Shell
5. Swan Boats
6. Come What May
7. Bear Cubs (12" version)
8. Relapse
9. Glass