Mister Suit's 'Can't Be Found' Makes Its Premiere

Mister Suit's 'Can't Be Found' Makes Its Premiere

The formation of Mister Suit can be traced back to 2010, when Garrett Jones first started recording demos in the college town of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Jones began honing his craft late in the night in his dark basement apartment amidst the beer drenched streets, and the all too long winters of Michigan. Today, Mister Suit is based out of Chicago, a city with equally long winters that help shape the dark, driving electronic rock he now produces.

The latest batch of recordings by Mister Suit are influenced largely by his recent live shows. Up until 2012, Jones had only intended for Mister Suit to be a recording project, as opposed to being a real band that played live shows. After playing a string of gigs around the midwest, he soon realized that there were a few small changes that needed to be made to his songs. Changes primarily in the way of backing tracks -- Keyboards/synths, bass, and textures/percussion.

Jones focused on these sonic changes in his latest release "Can't Be Found", and they can be heard in a few subtle, but crucial ways. And it's the integration of stronger, confident songwriting, as well as the introduction of fresh instrumentation that sets this release apart from his earlier recordings. Garrett has really grown into his songwriting on "Can't Be Found", and this is a trend that will only be further refined in his upcoming releases.

Mister Suit has already finished writing its new EP, an album that is as of now untitled, and plans are made for it to be finished and polished up with Jonathan Visger, a close friend and former bandmate of Jones's, in Ann Arbor. Visger is known for his extreme attention to detail in his own music -- Absofacto, Mason Proper, and Hollow & Akimbo, as well as his production work on remixes by groups such as Ra Ra Riot, Maps and Atlases, and Soft Swells. Jones could think of no other producer than Visger to add that extra layer of shine to his latest recordings.