Mind Enterprises Announce Debut Ep 'My Girl' Released 15th July 2013

Mind Enterprises Announce Debut Ep 'My Girl' Released 15th July 2013

Andrea Tirone, the 27-year-old Italian behind Mind Enterprises, is a perennial outsider. Growing up in the sunny climes of Turin, it was only a matter of time until the skinny, bespectacled music obsessive - whose music channels LCD Sound System's dance-punk spirit and the exotic mystery of Jai Paul - would plan his escape to London.

From a childhood obsessed with the best melodically inclined pop music from The Beatles to Nirvana, he's graduated to making his own bewitching brand of electronica packed full of wistful emotion. At the hazy end of last August, his debut single 'Summer War' was released on Double Denim Records, a frenzied tug of war between sweet continental guitars and headache-inducing pot-and-pan clashes. It was soon after this that Because Music (home to fellow leftfield pop auteurs Django Django and Metronomy) came on board, now the 'My Girl' EP is the net result - a collection of songs that transcend any geographical location and are more like flashbacks to a lucid dream than any structured melody jotted down in a notebook.

Tirone explains his instinctive writing process, "I think storytelling is something magic and you don't know how you're doing it. It's not conscious," he says. As a result of the dream-like state his mind inhabits, his lyrics are more like a mantra, looping and weaving in and out of heavy beats and samples, "Lyrics are the last part of the process. I think they are important but a song never starts from that - it's just an emotion, abstract. But lyrics are always about people. Mostly girls," he smiles.

It's this passionate nature which makes Mind Enterprises' soundscape so brash, beautiful, intuitive and full of imagination. With him now hard at work recording his debut it's also perhaps the reason why he'll succeed. "The power of the mind is the most important thing," says Tirone, "Music is something to escape from reality."

Mind Enterprises' debut EP 'My Girl' is due for release on 15th July via Because Music

Track List

1. My Girl
2. Morning Lie
3. New Underground
4. 74

Live Dates

15th July - The Waiting Rooms, London (EP Launch)