Men's Adventures 'Solitary Trip' Ep Stream

Men's Adventures 'Solitary Trip' Ep Stream

Following their introduction with the tracks 'Feeling Bad' and 'B.B Vulture', up and coming London psychedelic-surf duo Men's Adventures are now please to preview their new EP 'Solitary Trip' in its entirety ahead of its release June 24th on Dirty Bingo Records.

Marking the release, the band will be playing an EP launch show June 25th at Birthdays.

Named after and inspired by the 60's and 70's comic book series, London duo Men's Adventures draw inspiration from the imaginative narratives of classic animated fiction and marry these with an emotive take on surf, Western and psychedelic rock. Their music echoes the aural space between the widescreen sonics of Ennio Morricone soundtracks, fuzzed-out and cathartic guitar workouts of Neil Young, dark storytelling of Nick Cave and the brittle anthemics of Wolf Parade and The Arcade Fire, while carving out their own distinctive sound and inherent feel for melody.

Recorded over an intensive two weeks, the sense of restless energy is palpable on the four tracks that make up the EP.