Lovechilde Listen To New Single 'Sweat Lodge'

Lovechilde Listen To New Single 'Sweat Lodge'

This summer, Lovechilde return with their debut EP Outta Tha Blue, released on London label, Palette of Care, and available on 12" from Rough Trade Records and via Bandcamp. Lovechilde is the production duo comprised of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/ Eliot Thomas and producer James Dashwood that last year released the haunting Thorium/Tourniquet 7".

Originally slated for an early spring release, things took longer then expected as Thomas was taken with ill with heart complications whilst penning the tracks. During recovery, the band were joined by producer/engineer Oliver Horton (Jaws/Swim Deep/Foals) in Hackney's Dreamtrak studio to flesh out the recordings.

"It felt like I was having a permanent heart attack, I was in bed sick, taking this awful medicine. I'd try and write music for as long as I could stay awake, pass out, wake up not remembering what I had done. It almost felt like someone else was writing, like some ethereal hand was guiding it along- which somehow allowed us to take more chances with the production and push it further." - Eliot

The band embraced working in a full studio, exploring sonic possibilities that were now afforded them. Each of the five heady cuts tackle a different set influences variously referencing as disparate touchstones as NoWave, garage pop, electronic body music and Screw, all filtered through the prism of the bands signature sound, creating something as essential as it is idiosyncratic that aims far above the arch of the zeitgeist.

Produced by Oliver Horton (JAWS / Swim Deep / Foals), take a listen to the lead single 'Sweat Lodge' taken from Lovechilde's debut EP 'Outta Tha Blue' both out August 22nd