Longfellow Unveil Video For 'Siamese Lover' Due Out January 27th 2014

Longfellow Unveil Video For 'Siamese Lover' Due Out January 27th 2014

Heroically crestfallen alt-popsters Longfellow kicked off 2014 with a bang, playing to a sold out room for the Pandamonium Presents gig on January 7th. Their single 'Siamese Lover' is due for release on January 27th via Label Fandango / Fierce Panda and has already been spun on numerous occasions by Steve Lamacq on BBC 6 Music, alongside spot plays from Amazing Radio, 6 Music's Tom Robinson, Radio 1's Huw Stephens and Radio 2's Jo Whiley.

2013 saw our stout-hearted troubadours tickle the public's underbelly with their self-released 'Gabrielle' single in the summer and be embraced into the bosom of Fierce Panda Management not long after. In late October Longfellow also supported Keane at their anniversary show in Tunbridge Wells Forum.

Longfellow now unveil the official music video for 'Siamese Lover', which has been directed by the talented Steve Glashier, who has worked with the likes of Juliette Lewis, Bonobo, Blood Red Shoes and Fatboy Slim. The song is written around the dangers of living for your relationship; the experience of being so attached to someone that it blurs the lines of each of your identities. The video tells this story, by following the intense relationship of two young girls. A bully threatens their bubble and the girls end up dealing with him in a twisted way. This is an exploration of people and what they will do to be together.

If you like your music with an epic overview and a melancholic undercurrent then Longfellow could well be Your New Favourite Band. Five heartbreakers-in-waiting they consist of Owen Lloyd (vocals), Tom Warhurst (drums), James Thomas (electric guitar), Isaac Shiman (bass) and Ali Hetherington (piano / synth). They lurk in South London and create a modest, authentic and soulful mixture of indie and pop, bolstered by fearless melodies and large choruses.

'Siamese Lover' is released on January 27th on Label Fandango / Fierce Panda, thereby joining excellent releases by the likes of Desperate Journalist, Felt Tip, Feldspar, I Am In Love, Machine Room, The Starkins, Habitats and more.

Catch Longfellow live for Breakout at The Lexington, London on January 30th.