Law Announces First London Headline Show On April 1st 2014

Law Announces First London Headline Show On April 1st 2014

Following the release of her incredible debut EP 'Haters and Gangsters' last month, alongside a string of support shows with Youth Fathers, LAW has announced her first London headline show at Servant Jazz Quarters for 1 April.

"All good music is soul music." Wise words from Edinburgh resident Lauren Holt - the voice behind LAW and debut EP 'Haters and Gangsters'. Having already caught the eye of those in the know with the darkly hued primal soul-pop of last year's stand out track 'Hustle' and most recently with 'Haters', LAW's recently released EP continues in a similar vein and has already captured the wider world's attention.

"I see the beauty in darkness, the mystery and sickness of it" says LAW of the menacing, pulsating, seven track offering. "I am much more interested in so called dis-functional people, because in the words of Dylan they've 'nothing left to conceal'. I want the darkness inside of me to produce something that is rooted in feeling: Soul music. I try to write lyrics that are rooted in something, whether it be personal experience or the experience of someone I have imagined. I don't want to be precise. I want to emphasise the murkiness of it all."

Murky is definitely a quality reflected in the production of lead track 'Haters', a fuzzy number whose cyclic momentum rolls over a clattering percussive back bone and that voice - a subdued yet powerful, intoxicating and deep siren call. A unifying call, especially when it comes to the addictive refrain "fickle sickle fickle sickle ya yaa". 

A brave, addictive and utterly distinctive listen, 'Haters and Gangsters' is out now.