Kitchens Of Distinction Announce Details Of Their First Album In 19 Years

Kitchens Of Distinction Announce Details Of Their First Album In 19 Years

Kitchens of Distinction have announced details of the release of their new album, Folly, through 3 Loop Music on Monday September 30th 2013.

The 10-track album is the band's first in 19 years following the release of Cowboys And Aliens in 1994.

The tracklisting of the album is as follows:

1.   Oak Tree
2.   Extravagance
3.   Disappeared
4.   Photographing Rain
5.   Japan To Jupiter
6.   Wolves / Crows
7.   No Longer Elastic
8.   I Wish It Would Snow
9.   Tiny Moments, Tiny Omens
10. Today Is The Most Beautiful Day

Lead vocalist Patrick Fitzgerald explains the gestation of the album:

"These songs came together over a two-year period which began in June 2011 and finished during April 2013. As with all songs by Kitchens of Distinction, new and old, they began with the musical structure first, the tune and lyrics coming later. With these songs I wrote the initial music, with KOD guitarist Julian Swales shaping them, suggesting tempo changes, structure changes, and providing the trademark sonic embellishments of his galactic guitar cascades. Dan Goodwin, original KOD drummer, added percussion and rhythm programming support. They were recorded in my studio in Derbyshire and at Julian's studio in Brighton. The songs were mixed with Pascal Gabriel in April 2013 when I was recovering from a nephrectomy and winter would not leave us."

Kitchens of Distinction were formed in London in 1986 and put out four albums with One Little Indian Records - all of which were licensed to A&M Records in the US.  A compact trio comprising of Patrick Fitzgerald (Vocals, Bass), Julian Swales (Guitars) and Dan Goodwin (Drums, Percussion), they were known for their swirling maelstrom of guitar effects and Patrick's introspective and unabashed lyrics that often dealt with his own homosexuality.

Their sound was inspired largely by their love of Joy Division, Cocteau Twins, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Echo and the Bunnymen and peers A R Kane and it went on to be heard in a new generation of bands like Interpol, Bloc Party, Editors and British Sea Power.

After the band split up in 1996, Patrick continued his musical career by releasing an album of collaborations under the name 'Fruit' that featured Miki Berenyi (Lush), Isobel Monteiro (Drugstore) and David McAlmont (Thieves, McAlmont and Butler) as well as guest appearances from both Julian and Dan.

He wrote and recorded a dozen songs with 4AD recording artist Heidi Berry under the moniker 'lost girls' - releasing one single, and finally went truly solo with his Stephen Hero project with which he has now released five critically-acclaimed albums. In 2004 he retrained as a Doctor and currently works part-time as a GP in the North of England whilst spending the rest of his time writing, recording and playing music. Julian switched to writing music for TV and Theatre. This included the 5.1 music soundtrack for the 3D "Mummy: the Inside Story" for the British Museum. He continues to do media music and currently works and lives in the South of England. After an initial flurry of percussion work with Lush and The Bitter Springs Dan quit music completely. He currently works in the Dementia Support field and lives in rural Scotland.