Jupiter Lion Announces New Album 'Brighter' Out In The UK 6th October 2014

Jupiter Lion Announces New Album 'Brighter' Out In The UK 6th October 2014

Jupiter Lion to release 'Brighter' the highly anticipated follow-up to 'Silver Mouth' this October in the UK.

Originating from the Mediterranean coast, the trio of Jupiter Lion appears to be an outlander in the city of Valencia. Washing ashore on a wave of ethere- al melody and tidal drones, the band is a noticeably different presence from the dance floor fare that is omnipresent on the sandy beaches of Spain.

2013's 'Silver Mouth' (Bcore) was a hypnotic chronicle of kraut rock influ- ences and experimental pop, and the upcoming 'Brighter' takes psychedelia into a realm of analog electronics that few bands could ever follow. But Jupiter is not about repeating themselves, which is why they bravely pilot a reinvent- ed sound where jazz, techno, and post punk collide on a timeline still not requiring computer instrumentation.

On 'Brighter' Jupiter Lion's analog keyboards forsake presets, and defy con- vention with a zapping pulse or shimmering brilliance that makes other synth bands seem lazy for their impersonate sound. The elongated track length of the single, "Your God Is A Human" draws comparisons that bridge both past and future in an affect that is utterly phantasmagoric. Featuring a progression that is as musically adventurous as France's Magma in the 1970s, the single in addition presents an present-day aesthetic as updated as Portland's Copy.

After a brief hiatus, Jupiter returned this past summer to share the stage with Neutral Milk Hotel, and Godspeed You Black Emperor at Barcelona's Primavera Sound. Completed tour runs with Spectrum and Dead Skeletons are indicative of the band's cross-over potential, assuring their station in the pantheon of futurist rock where allies will be in great supply.

With the release of 'Brighter,' Jupiter Lion have taken a surreal trajectory of lucid synths, agile jazz rhythm and cinematic poise. Proving that when some- thing is instantly destined to be a classic, it still has one foot firmly planted in the future.

1. Brighter
2. Your God is Human
3. Delpasse Effect
4. Doppelgänger
5. Walking in Circles
6. The Golden Emperor 7. Ashes
8. Lost Cannibal