Julia Holter Releases Album 'Loud City Song' On August 19th 2013

Julia Holter Releases Album 'Loud City Song' On August 19th 2013

Loud City Song is the new studio recording by Los Angeles based artist Julia Holter, set for release by Domino on August 19th 2013. The album is Holter's third full length release in as many years - following 2011's groundbreaking debut Tragedy and last year's follow-up, the critically lauded Ekstasis. 

Her first studio album proper, Loud City Song is both a continuation and a furthering of the fiercely singular and focused vision displayed by its predecessors, taking as it does Holter's rare gift for merging high concept, compositional prowess and experimentation with pop sensibility and applying it to a set of even more daringly beautiful arrangements and emotionally resonant songs. 

The songs that make up Loud City Song have origins that pre-date 2011's debut Tragedy - coaxed out and finessed as demos in Holter's bedroom studio and then finally coalesced into one thrillingly cohesive experience in the latter stages of 2012 by Holter and co-producer Cole Marsden Grief-Neill and an ensemble of Los Angeles musicians. The result is an album of enormous ambition - Holter taking inspiration from Collette's 1944 novella Gigi and using it as a prism through which to explore her relationship with her hometown of Los Angeles and modern life universally, taking cues from the work of Joni Mitchell and the poetry of Frank O'Hara but forging those touch-points into something resolutely unique.

Loud City Song will be available on CD (WIGCD306), LP (WIGLP306) and digitally (WIG306D) and will be available to pre-order soon. 

Loud City Song Tracklisting: 

1. World 
2. Maxim's I   
3. Horns Surrounding Me   
4. In The Green Wild   
5. Hello Stranger 
6. Maxim's II 
7. He's Running Through My Eyes 
8. This Is a True Heart   
9. City Appearing 

Julia Holter will be playing the following UK dates: 

August 16th: Green Man Festival, Brecon 
August 17th: Beacons Festival, Skipton
August 20th: Cecil Sharp House, London