Jan Roth Releases Debut Album 'L.o.w' Out Now

Jan Roth Releases Debut Album 'L.o.w' Out Now

Jan Roth's brilliant debut album L.O.W is out now. The album, released via cutting edge Berlin based label Sinnbus, is packed with majestic and quirky melodies that strike a fine balance between post-rock, electronica and chamber music.

On L.O.W, Jan Roth takes us on a weird and wonderful musical journey. 'Glühwürmchen' is a quiet start but a wonderful warm-up that showcases Jan Roth's heart-achingly beautiful piano skills and feels almost post-rock like in parts. 'Einundzwanzig' is stunning and filmic - it's easy to imagine the track as a backdrop to a film like Spike Jonze's Where The Wild Things Are, for example. 'Siebzehn' is as if Darkstar andHauschka joined forces and, midway through the album, it is one of his more "poppier"numbers. However, as you enter the latter half of L.O.W's journey, more intricate pieces of music begin to creep their way in with 'Achtzehn', 'Rinnsal' and 'Regen' feeling like the perfect amalgamation between Radiohead's Thom Yorke and jazz pianist Brad Mehldau.

Jan Roth has previously played drums live with German musician Tim Neuhaus at many of Hundreds' live shows. He has also played on many of Clueso and Max Prosa's records as well as countless jazz bands. Jan Roth's fascination for simple, beautiful compositions is perfectly presented on this debut solo album.

Music aside, in his down time he simply likes to sit and take in the world around him. It's this dreamlike idleness and wonder that inspired L.O.W's eight perfectly formed tracks. The album is a small declaration of love to the sunny side of melancholy and a cinematic gem just waiting to be uncovered.