Ja Ja Ja are proud to announce details of their next event on Thursday 30th May at London's The Lexington. It's the last Ja Ja Ja of the current series before everyone heads off for summer, and what a great year it has been showcasing (in)credible Nordic music such as M>, Mikael Paskalev, Olof Arnalds, Fallulah and most recently Truls. The May Ja Ja Ja keeps the quality acts coming with what promises to be a huge pop finale, featuring cooly catchy electro from Rangleklods (Denmark), pure sunshine melodies from Alfred Hall (Norway) and feelgood tunes from SHINE 2009 (Finland). Tickets are 5 in advance (6 on the door), on sale now from We Got Tickets

About Rangleklods
With the release of the debut album 'Beekeeper', 2012 became the year Danish Rangleklods left their then home of Berlin in search of a wider and weirdly diverse audience. A packed appearance at Roskilde and other European festivals including Vienna Waves, Iceland Airwaves and Eurosonic testify that Rangleklods are amongst the most promising and different new electronic acts of the recent years.

Today, Rangleklods consists of Copenhagen-based Esben Andersen and Pernille Smith-Sivertsen, with what began as Esben's solo project gradually turning into a collaboration. Rangleklods pushes the boundaries of genre and production methods to create intelligent club music. As the rather nonsensical name indicates, Rangleklods represents a playful and experimental approach to composing thought-provoking music to make you dance. Esben explains further: "The emptiness of meaning in the word 'Rangleklods' -ð cause there really isn't any -ð has provided the space we needed to escape musical limitations and expectations, focusing on reaching an expression that binds together all the music, and sounds in general, that we care about."

Rangleklods expands the physical and artistic framework of the electronic live experience by adding live vocals, instruments and an impressive amount of controllers, transforming the computer into an instrument of unreachable limits rather than just a handy tape recorder. This involves Esben's homemade device, not unlike the theremin, where the sound is altered by use of distance measuring sensors. Combined with Pernille's live percussion and synths, this all adds up to create the unique, riveting live experience that is a Rangleklods concert.

Besides intense touring, 2013 brings the release of a second EP 'Control' this week and continuous work on the next full length album (due to be released in spring 2014).

About Alfred Hall
Alfred Hall, consisting of Bj>rn Tveit (vocals/guitar) and Hans Thomas Ki'r (guitar), spent the summer of 2009 as workers on the farm belonging to Hans Thomas' family in Drammen, Norway. To pass the time, they listened to music they liked, and after a quick discussion they made up their mind: "Let's go to the town and buy some sound equipment. Let's make the music ourselves." Without any experience or know-how, they spent their savings on guitars, a microphone and a sound card. Their music was created and nurtured in a barn - the home of Alfred the bull. The significance of Alfred is probably as overstated as it is understated.

Alfred Hall has a pure star-spangled pop heaven to offer. NRK Ur>rt championed the band early on, enthusing that they "conjure up the feeling of warm summer days, the flavour of strawberries, a cool breeze, sand between your toes and everything that's good", also awarding the track "unsigned song of the week" in July 2011. NRK P3 noticed the song as well and playlisted it not long after. It stayed in the Norwegian charts for six months.

In an amazingly short time, Alfred Hall became an impressive live band that oozes with passion and the joy of playing. "One of the most refreshing gigs I've seen and heard in ages from a Norwegian band . If someone asked me to mention one Norwegian artist that you should notice in 2012, I wouldn't have been in any doubt at all" Gaffa.no wrote in their review of the duo's debut live show supporting Wolf Gang. Since then, the band has played two formidable concerts at by:Larm 2012 amongst others.

About SHINE 2009
SHINE 2009 is Sami Suova and Mikko Pyk"ri from Helsinki, Finland. Their debut EP 'Associates' was released on Cascine in September 2010, with the trend-setting, forward-thinking label becoming their permanent musical home. SHINE 2009's music is effortlessly cool and utterly nonchalant, in fact their distinctive sound formed the very foundation of Cascine. Sami and Mikko also operate as leftfield electronic artist, Cup, and share a member with Finnish band Regina.

The duo return with their first new material since 'Realism', their 2011 debut album. 'Eurozone' is a splashy single laced with breakbeats, slinky guitar notes and operatic samples. SHINE 2009 come off as nonchalant as ever, taking a social stance on money and the financial challenges currently gripping Europe. Musically, the song pulls from genres as wide as trance and funk, and also girls' high school baseball, with field recordings from a pes"pallo game integrated into the track.