Indiana Announces Debut London Show At St Pancras Old Church March 2013

Indiana Announces Debut London Show At St Pancras Old Church March 2013

Self taught Nottingham singer-songwriter Indiana is pleased to announce her debut London show to her biggest crowd to date, on Thursday 14th March at St Pancras Old Church. 

This beautifully exquisite venue reflects Indiana's stunningly individual vocal style and is the perfect setting to showcase her raw emotion-filled melodies.

Indiana's story started with a fortunate accident. After the discovery of a dusty piano her older sister had left in storage, Indiana began to teach herself to play. Easily picking up the chords and using those shapes, she wrote her first songs and discovered her unique voice.

Her second piece of good fortune came when she stumbled across Joe Goddard's lighting-rod remix of 'Gabriel'. She describes it as "the best dance song I'd heard for a long long time. The emotion in Valentina's vocals and the lyrics were really raw and spoke to me." After falling hard for the song she quickly filmed an off-the-cuff version translating Valentina's ripping vocal into something much more heartfelt and yearning.

Grammy-nominated composer and the original songwriter of Gabriel, John Beck, was one of these first few to come across Indiana's stripped back version and quickly got in touch. The intense sparks of the first few sessions were clear to see and impressively 'Blind As I Am' was the very first song the two worked on together.

The often bare, subtle backdrops in Indiana's work really let her voice pierce-through the surface and shine. There's a rawness to her vocal, something she says people at her first shows in Nottingham remarked on, saying they could tell she had been through a lot just from listening to her sing. She puts it down to the result of really living her performances each time, bringing to mind deeply personal traumas and heartbreaks to draw up such powerful and emotional vocal takes. 

Pop success has been difficult to predict or force over the past few years, but with single 'Blind As I Am' announced as one of BBC Introducing Picks of 2013 and Huw Stephens already a fan of her "blissed out and atmospheric tunes", describing her as one of his favourite up-and-coming artists, Indiana is emerging as one of the UK's most exciting new talents. Be sure to catch her this March.