Ice, Sea, Dead People Release New Album 'If It's Broken Break It More' On April 22nd 2013

Ice, Sea, Dead People Release New Album 'If It's Broken Break It More' On April 22nd 2013

Recorded live on to tape by parents of noise, Tim Cedar (Part Chimp) and Patrick Constable (Selfish C*nt) at Dropout Studios, 'If It's Broken Break It More' explodes the ideas from London-based Ice, Sea, Dead People's debut 'Teeth Union' and brings the band's ferocious energy to a confident new level.

Now a four-piece, the entire album was born out of live jams at The Fortress based on the band's ever-growing 'riff archive' using abrasive tunings and allowing mistakes and deliberate force to become the body of the songs.

Cycling through ideas at 220 Beats per minute is no new thing for ISDP but by embracing sadistic repetition ('I Found A Way'), interminable bass riffs ('Pro Life Forever') and perversely holding off reaching any sense of conclusion ('Apropos') Ice Sea Dead People confidently match the humour and nonsense from their lyrics by toying with the audience's expectations whenever possible.

The upbeat punk attacks of 'Ultra Silence', 'You Could Be A Model' (released on limited 7" picture disc last year with artwork by designer Daniel Eatock) & 'Accept the Mystery' secure the band's discordant sense for sharply intelligent melodies and their new found pacing for dominating sound is showcased with the aggressively weird 'Styes in my Eyes' which wraps guitars around an industrial bed of noise whilst turning it round to make it a hook-laden masterpiece. Whilst their most melodic offering 'If It's Broken' is countered by screams and followed up with the cheap parting shot of 'We Don't Want to Give You That'.

This album makes good on Ice Sea Dead People's reputation as one of the most exciting live bands in the country by building on their experiences from gigging with heroes such as Wire, .And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Ex-Models and Les Savy Fav and successfully transfer their energy onto tape using constraints such as recording live with no click track and no overdubs. 

Tour Dates:

Fri 22 - London - Camden Lock Tavern
Sat 23 - Bristol - The Motorcycle Showroom
Thu 28 - Southampton - Avondale House
Fri 29 - Brighton - Late Night Lingerie Weekender
Sun 31 - Bedford - The Bear
Mon 1 - London - The Old Blue Last
Tue 2 - Leeds - The Packhorse
Weds 3 - Glasgow - Nice 'N' Sleazy
Fri 5 - France, Paris - TBC
Sat 6 - Netherlands, Groningen - Antillenstraat 9A
Sun 7 - Netherlands, Amsterdam - Vondelbunker
Tue 9 - Germany, Hannover - Café Glocksee
Wed 10 - Austria, Graz - Sub Graz
Fri 12 - France, Bordeaux - Le Saint Ex
Sat 13 - France, Melle - Le Café Du Boulevard

Listen to 'If It's Broken Break It More' here:

 If It's Broken Break It More by iceseadeadpeople