Hockeysmith Stream Full Ep 'But Blood' [Listen]

Hockeysmith Stream Full Ep 'But Blood' [Listen]

Hockeysmith have steadily been building a name as one of the UK's most intriguing and sonically distinct new bands, challenging any form of easy categorisation. Ahead of the release of their debut EP But Blood, May 26th via Double Denim Records (Empress Of, Brolin), the sibling duo ofAnnie and Georgie Hockeysmith now share a preview of the full EP in its entirety.

Across its four distinct and individually unique tracks, the But Blood EP merges haunting interweaving melodies and unorthodox song structures with adventurous sonics and a sense of wide-eyed experimentation and discovery. Echoes of shoegaze, post-punk, acid house and dream pop coalesce into an alien, yet somehow distantly familiar, hypnotically wayward sound.

Hockeysmith play the following live dates:
June 17- Corsica Studios, London
Aug 16-18 - Green Man Festival
Sept 9 - Bestival
But Blood EP track list:
1. Phantom Whistle
2. But Blood
3. Hesitate
4. Meanwhile