Gang Colours Second Album 'Invisible In Your City' Released September 16th 2013

Gang Colours Second Album 'Invisible In Your City' Released September 16th 2013

Gang Colours, aka Will Ozanne, will release his stunning second album 'Invisible In Your City' through Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Recordings on September 16th.

Eighteen months have passed since Gang Colours' debut album 'The Keychain Collection' seduced the Worldwide underground with its wistful, beguiling blend of the organic and the electronic. 'Invisible In Your City' finds the Botley [Southampton] resident blossoming as a singer-songwriter, completing his metamorphosis from bedroom production prodigy into a confidently  creative and adept songwriter. 

The album was inspired by the vocal production of the Beach Boys and The Four Freshmen, and more spiritually by the likes of The Undertones and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. "Dizzee's 'Fix Up Look Sharp', Paul Young's 'Love Of The Common People' and 'Only You' by Yaz. these are some tracks I find myself referring back to when I need a little inspiration from time to time" says Ozanne on the writing of the album.

Spanning ten tracks, 'Invisible In Your City' is as richly textured as its predecessor, but it's a more self-assured record by an artist growing into his songwriting skin and rising in confidence all the time. The title track is a bold statement in itself, a pretty ballad founded upon Will's multitracked vocals, disheveled by shards of white noise, "I guess ultimately it's about struggling with the human condition no matter what your background, whether there sits a golden crown or a scruffy beggar's cap upon on your head - we all share one mind which we can choose to use for good or evil" explains Ozanne on the title track. Likewise, the forlorn mantra of 'Home', underpinned by heartrending piano; and his duet with fast-rising UK starlet Lulu James - 'Why Didn't You Call?' - marrying Ms. James' astounding vocal to 4x4 drums, Brazilian percussion and a gospel choir. The record triumphantly closes with a fragile interpretation of David Bowie's 'Always Crashing In The Same Car'.

An incredible album by an ever-evolving and inventive artist, 'Invisible In Your City' is an exciting and accomplished follow-up to an acclaimed debut.

Invisible In Your City tracklisting:

1. The Rhythm The Rebel
2. Invisible In Your City
3. Home
4. Up The Downs
5. Freshwater Fantasy
6. Led By Example
7. Communal Quo
8. River For Dinner
9. Why Didn't You Call? ft. Lulu James
10. Always Crashing In The Same Car