Fiction Releases Stream Of New Track 'Lonely Planet' [Listen]

Fiction Releases Stream Of New Track 'Lonely Planet' [Listen]

Following the release of their critically acclaimed debut album The Big Other, London based Fiction announce a new EP on November 03 via Vaguely Pagan/Tip Top Recordings.

The In Real Life EP - named after the web-chat acronym IRL - forms a compelling bridge between their debut and their forthcoming second LP which is due for release in 2015.

The first single is Lonley Planet a intriguing introduction to the new release:

Fiction formed in South West London in the late-2000's by brothers Mike and Nick Barrett and friend James Howard. Their early chaotic, yet thoughtful excursions into post-punk were later refined by the addition of David Miller on bass and Danish drummer Jacob Smedegaard.

The band's debut album, The Big Other - its name borrowed from French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan - layered intricate melodies around themes of nostalgia and introspection, showcasing an expansive range of ideas and sounds.
The last 18 months have seen the five-piece evolve a more candid approach to their songwriting. Co-singers Mike and James weave a narrative that balances contemporary concerns such as hyper-connectivity and cultural stasis with a human vulnerability and desire for tenderness. Sonically the band have continued their exploration of alternative 80's soundscapes whilst adding unexpected textures that also reveal a love of psych, prog and early rave.