Fenster's Album 'The Pink Caves' Out 10th March 2014, Axxa Abraxas' Self-titled Debut Out March 4th

Fenster's Album 'The Pink Caves' Out 10th March 2014, Axxa Abraxas' Self-titled Debut Out March 4th

Fenster's second record The Pink Caves is a dark fairy tale brimming with layers of tremolo guitars, tactile percussion, soft analog synths and moon-dusted vocal melodies. The tracks take you on a slow-motion free fall through the rabbit hole into an ethereal world of spectral soundscapes, lush pop opulence and minimalism drawing inspiration from science fiction, French 70s film scores, Twin Peaks and Lynchian mysticism.

A home studio was set up in a cabin in East Germany and the whole house was wired so every room contained different elements, set up in such a way that they were able to record live altogether. The band reputedly used the house they recorded in as an instrument in itself.

With this record, Fenster ventures into new spaces, exploring different techniques, instrumentation and song structures. The album's title and aesthetic derive from the concept of a make-belief heaven, a place you go when you die that only exists in your mind. Welcome to The Pink Caves.

Fenster is Jonathan Jarzyna, JJ Weihl, Rémi Letournelle, Lucas Chantre

One the newest member of the Captured Tracks family, Axxa/Abraxas, the musical moniker of 23 year-old Atlanta native Ben Asbury will be releasing his self titled debut on March 4th.

The first taste of his debut came from the jangling guitar pop track "I Almost Fell". Now you can stream the equally sunny, but meditative single, "On the Run". It's clear from these tracks, Asbury has a knack for creating infectious, bubbly synth pop jams that retain lyrical substance.

Axxas/Abraxas is the music and art project of 23 year-old Atlanta native Ben Asbury. The name is derived from two principles that Asbury associates together, one deeply personal, one spiritually dichotomous. Their seamless integration into one sentiment echoes the sonic and visual elements of Axxas/Abraxas.

His music takes inspirations from 60's pop, punk rock, post rock, Elephant Six Indie rock, 60's psychedelia, Neil Young and Television Personalities. Creating his own cohesive adaptation of psych art-pop, a combination of fuzzy psych and DIY silkscreen imagery. To bring the debut to life Jarvis Taveniere was enlisted (Woods, Rear House Recording) to record and produce. 

Listen to 'On The Run' here: