Farewell, My Love Announce Debut Album 'Golden Tattoos' Out  3rd February 2014

Farewell, My Love Announce Debut Album 'Golden Tattoos' Out 3rd February 2014

Having taken the USA by storm with their theatrical hard rock, FAREWELL, MY LOVE prepare to hit the UK with the release of their debut album 'Golden Tattoos' on 3 February via Standby Records, the label that discovered Black Veil Brides.

Rock n' roll should be larger than life. Rock stars are superheroes who take the stage propelled by a pomp and circumstance rivaling the royalty of old. They adopt fantastical personas that enrapture an audience, transporting participants away from their everyday struggles and problems into a world of freedom and possibility.

FAREWELL, MY LOVE are ready to take on the UK, carrying the torch aloft for a new generation hungry for the power, energy and magnetic combustibility inherent in the greatest rock. The five young men of FAREWELL, MY LOVE have come together to share their individual hardships, triumphs and passions through a collective vehicle. They've taken the sum total of the lives they've lived thus far and fashioned them into a unique weapon to hand over to their audiences for the mutual uplifting of all involved.

The conceptual artistry and theatricality of My Chemical Romance, the reckless danger and skillful musicianship of Avenged Sevenfold, the dark mystique and anthem-inducing sing-alongs of AFI and the brash experimentalism and attitude of 30 Seconds to Mars are all components that have a home in the Farewell, My Love manuscript. With forceful determination and wonderfully soaring grandiosity, Farewell, My Love put a unique spin on theatrical hard rock with utmost dedication.

Be prepared to see a lot more of this outrageous spectacle in 2014.