Eraas Giveaway New Track 'Briar Path', Debut Album Out 1st October 2012

Eraas Giveaway New Track 'Briar Path', Debut Album Out 1st October 2012

To Stream the languid 'Briar Path' here, as premiered by Pitchfork click the link at the bottom of the page:

When you listen to these songs, the ambience of the house itself is palpable, its creaking boards and tenebrous hallways reflected in the claustrophobic, echo-laden production - from the mournful strings that introduce the opening 'Black House' until the flurry of tribal percussion that brings final track 'Trinity' to a conclusion, there's a real sense of mood that never relents. The album plays out more like a single coherent entity than a simple collection of songs, the tracks emerging ghost-like from the shadows and then receding into interludes of whispers and strange, abstract samples.

The songs are built around insistent basslines and driving percussion, along with a distinctive, evocative vocal sound created with deft utilization of delays and reverbs. Tracks like 'Briar Path' and 'A Presence' sound like stumbling across secret rituals, all haunted vocal melodies and spidery guitar figures. Other songs see subtle elements drifting in and out of the mix- 'Crescent' is adorned by a delicate piano melody that sounds like it was recorded from an old Victrola, strange whisperings lurk deep in the mix of 'Ghost', while 'Trinity' strips things back to percussion and an insistent, rasping vocal.

Like a dream (or a nightmare), this is a record that invites you into its own world, a world that's strange and unfamiliar, but also fascinating and compelling, with subtleties and intricacies that reveal themselves with repeated listens. 'ERAAS' is an album with its own distinct sense of place - a place that's worth visiting again and again.


1. Black House

2. A Presence

3. At Heart

4. Ghost

5. Skinning

6. Moon

7. Briar Path

8. Crosscut

9. Fang

10. Crescent

11. Trinity