Emanuel And The Fear Announce New Album 'The Janus Mirror' Out Sept 21st 2012

Emanuel And The Fear Announce New Album 'The Janus Mirror' Out Sept 21st 2012

Emanuel and the Fear from Brooklyn, NYC, can't agree on a genre classification since the only thing all six of them can agree on, is that Marvin Gaye's rendition of the Star Spangled Banner at the 1983 NBA all-star game is a brilliant piece of music. If you call them a rock band, nobody will be offended. A scaling down in number from the original 11 members is also reflected in the amount of songs on this, their second full length. The debut Listen (rel. 2010) being home to a mammoth 19 tracks. The Janus Mirror will only be available in Europe and is being released by German label Haldern Pop Recordings.

Selling out some of NYC's most well-known venues and collecting fans such as David Byrne along the way, they've been known to sound like many things.. a synth pop band, a heavy metal act with strings, an Irish pub band, a riot, a summer storm, of 336 spiders/ants crawling up your legs and into your ears, a classic rock band, a really bad power ballad that despite knowing it's really bad, everyone loves. They've also been likened to others such as Arcade Fire and members now play, or have worked with, The National, From Autumn to Ashes, Sufjan Stevens, Zao, Akron/Family, Ryan Star, and The Canadian Brass.

Drums - Jeff Gretz

Bass - Gil Goldin

Synth/Flute - Nic Cowles

Violin/Vocals - Liz Hanley

Cello - Brian Sanders

Guitar/Keys/Vocals - Emanuel Ayvas


1. The Janus Mirror

2. Samuel

3. Grey Eyes

4. Wooble

5. Foothills Of A Fire

6. Black Eyes

7. My Oh My

8. All We All