Doug Tielli Announces October 2013 UK Tour Dates

Doug Tielli Announces October 2013 UK Tour Dates

Hints of African high life, British folk, free-improvisation, Brazilian spirituals and blue eyed soul gracefully come together in Doug Tielli's second release, Keresley. The record is a wide spray of textures, dynamics and styles and feels unified by Doug's fluid voice and musicianship. Voice, guitar, percussion and brass don't just outline a melody, they resonate as one with grace and simplicity. Doug Tielli uses his songs to translate the natural and the unnatural world around him. These translations have become the sonic environment of Keresley.

Named after the village-come-suburb, Keresley, on the outskirts of Coventry England, where, after a short U.K. tour, Doug took up temporary residence after missing a flight back to his home in Toronto. He spent the next two months walking a dog, drawing, dreaming, and recording this album. The sounds and songs of Keresley are as natural and unlaboured as the world Doug Tielli describes: "The magic of Keresley is not on the surface. Those fields under all kinds of skies are always wondrous. The grass got long, and filled with wildflowers, and red-purple grasses, the sky rolled with low, heavy clouds, and occasionally sun, flitted with birds. Fathers and sons, old Scotsmen ... everyone with a dog . would share a few words and stories with me from time to time.

When the grass was tall enough - in June or so, I lay down, fully hidden to any who passed by ... though I did worry that I would be spotted somehow, and thought unusual - which I am and am not at the same time, you know what I mean."

12 October - Sebright Arms, London(Doug Tielli Headline Show)
15 October - Capstone Theatre, Liverpool
16 October - The Tin Music & Arts, Coventry
19 October - South Street Arts Centre, Reading
22 October - TBC, Edinburgh
23 October -  Glad Cafe, Glasgow