Courtly Love Streams For Your Love, I Get High// B-side [Listen]

Courtly Love Streams For Your Love, I Get High// B-side [Listen]

It has always been about a man and a woman; so different, yet so complimentary they end up being one: a harmonious coexistence of the opposite breathing life into stories of creative passion. The band in question couldn't be any exception: a man and a woman; so different yet so complimentary they end up being One.Courtly Love! Interestingly enough, not in love with each other but with.a tremolo; that distinct surf rock sound that oozes California sun.

Courtly Love are named after the medieval concept of chivalry, the secret expressions of love between members of the nobility and there is something almost voyeuristic and illicit about their sound which is laced with excitement and danger. Glamorous but a little bit dark Courtly Love are merging bluesy tones with psychedelic hazes; a brand-new quintet from East London and one of those rare musical collectives who appear to have arrived fully formed and armed with clutch of quite wonderful tunes. They produce a gorgeous smouldering psych blues fusion, mixing the dark gutter glamour of the Velvets & Nico with the cinematic doomed grandeur of Serge Gainsbourg. 

For Your Love, I Get High's minimalist but sultry beauty acts a perfect counterpoint to Mirage's subtle but tantalising pop charm. Stripping their melodies down to bear a striking new soundscape, Layla' vocal takes on a new life, softened by a downtempo guitar melodies.

Courtly Love are Layla (vocals), Johnny Lee (guitar), Jules (bass) Jake(drums) & Ben (guitar and FX)

May 8th - Old Blue Last - London
May 30th - Sebright Arms - London
June 13th - Single Launch at VIP location - London