Cb6 Announce Debut Album Release 'Succession' 5th August 2013

Cb6 Announce Debut Album Release 'Succession' 5th August 2013

CB6's debut album 'Succession' was recorded in five stressful days in 2012 at Bucks University. Matt Hyde (Slipknot, Machine Head, Gallows) took the mix and master duties, having seen a studio demo video. At the end of day three, when the band began reviewing the files for that day, they discovered that all their work for the track 'Elephant in the Room' had disappeared into thin air. They tracked it again pronto, tighter and more pissed off, resulting in a more aggression-fuelled take.
With an emphasis on riffs and grooves and tightly wound punchy tracks, 'Succession' is a testament to CB6's work ethic, especially under such constraints as they were put under during its creation. As well as the fuel of aggression, there are plenty of party bangers and the band have even drawn from poetry. The whole concept of 'Clocks' is based around a poem by Robert H. Smith called 'The Clock of Life' which was discovered in WWII hero Butch O'Hare's father's pocket when he was murdered.
CB6 met at the age of 11 and ended up setting out to perform a unique British mix of classic metal and hardcore together. What was initially just a sporadic gathering of four kids in Southend interested in heavy music quickly turned into weekly band practices. An early demo proved successful and gained airplay on national radio. This led to larger stages in London supporting the likes of Your Demise, More Than Life, Cerebral Ballzy, Feed the Rhino, SSS, The Smoking Hearts and Dog Eat Dog.
1.  Perfect   |   2. Clocks   |   3. Crown   |   4. Elephant In The Room   |   5. Illusion   |   6. Deep Rooted   |   7. Cold Season   |   8. Penny   |   9. Succession   |   10. Casualty   |   11. Eye of The Magpie
01/08/2013 The Sanctuary - Basingstoke UK
02/08/2013 The Winchester - Bournemouth UK / With Silent Screams and Death of an Artist

CB6 is -
Ryan Monteith - Bass/Vocals // Jake Willis - Guitars // Mike Kirkby - Guitars // Joey Drake - Drums