Av Announces New Ep 'Venus Bar' Released 20 May 2013

Av Announces New Ep 'Venus Bar' Released 20 May 2013

Rising Parisian star, AV (Adrien Viot) announces his debut EP, Venus Bar via Police Records/Desire this spring.

French Cold Wave was divided in two camps: one side were the bands like Guerre Froide, Les Maîtres, Opera Multi Steel inspired by Joy Division, The Cure and Bauhaus. On the flip side embraced the poppier/synth sound with artists like Taxi Girl, Mathematiques Modernes, Nini Raviolette and Suicide Romeo.

AV is definitively inspired by the 80s pop camp; the energy rush of the post-punk era with a synth-pop touch and great sense of melody.

Rather than lighting candles to his old 80's glory he prefers to invite them inside the chaos of his generation. Nods towards Suicide, Kraftwerk & Taxi Girl are present in AV, but he's far from being one of those 80s revival nostalgia projects, his production is current, dirty but vibrant, coupled with tongue in cheek lyrics.

Catch AV live in the UK this September as he brings his brand of French decadence to London, Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol and Brighton.

TRACKLISTING: 1. Venus Bar 2. Mort à Vegas 3. Zombies 4. Autostrada 5. Venus Bar - Pyramid Remix 6. Venus Bar - Juveniles Remix 7. That Obscure Object of desire - Venus Bar (Cover)