April Verch Band Announce London Show October 16th 2013

April Verch Band Announce London Show October 16th 2013

Canada Water Culture Space presents the doyenne of Canada's Ottawa Valley: wher bluegrass meets old time Appalachian folk. The fusion of music with intricate step dancing is genuinely something to behold and April Verch, an acclaimed, fiddler, step dancer and singer songwriter has earned glowing reviews and an international following for mastering both.

Fluent in folk traditions, the April Verch Band will deliver wafting  melodies in their live show, featuring tracks from Verch's ninth album, Bright Like Gold.  Verch is accompanied by bassist and clawhammer banjo player Cody Walters and guitarist Hayes Griffin totalling an energetic, virtuosic, tradition-celebrating trio.  

Verch has won countless championship titles and represented Canada's fiddling tradition when she  performing in the Opening Ceremonies at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.  The range of material Verch, Walters and Griffin showcase ranges from folk traditions - the Canadian ones she was born into and the American ones she later found.  Old fiddle standards like those featured in the Canadian medley 'Dusty Miller', 'Fiddle Fingers' and 'Grizzly Bear' and the Appalachian medley 'Edward in the Treetop', 'Yellow Jacket' and 'Quit That Tickling Me' are played alongside original compositions such as Verch's instrumental waltz 'Morris & Boris' and country courting number 'The Only One'.

Verch, leader of this self-assured ensemble says of her work: "The accolades are special to me but what I think is most impressive is that I've been doing this full time since 2000. We make a living playing music that we love and it touches other people. I feel like we're extremely lucky to do that, but also I work really hard, not just at the music, but at every aspect of our career, to make that happen.."

Wednesday October 16, 7.45pm

Canada Water Culture Space