Andrew Jackson Jihad Announce New Album 'Christmas Island'  Released In The UK On The 5th May 2014

Andrew Jackson Jihad Announce New Album 'Christmas Island' Released In The UK On The 5th May 2014

New to SideOneDummy Records, Andrew Jackson Jihad are getting ready to release their album 'Christmas Island' on 5th May. Christmas Island, the fifth album proper from Phoenix, Arizona's Andrew Jackson Jihad, is a little bit silly, a little bit serious and incredibly powerful -something Andrew Jackson Jihad have been doing for the past decade but have truly perfected on this new release. Recorded by John Congleton(St. Vincent, The Mountain Goats, Okkervil River, The Thermals) at Elmwood Studios in Dallas, TX, all twelve of Christmas Island's songs blur the line between the ludicrous and the earnest. It's a record that's irreverent yet somber, full of humour and full of pathos, its twelve songs combining the two to create a record that truly cuts right to the bone of the human condition.
The first track to be streamed from the album - 'Children of God' exemplifies the band's rambunctious stylings. As Noisey put it, the song "serves as a microcosm for the brilliant absurdity that is Andrew Jackson Jihad - just the right mixture of poetic wit and tongue-in-cheek humor."
Andrew Jackson Jihad have built a significant cult following since their inception in 2004, one that knows just how heart breaking, heart warming, and inspiring their shambolic songs can be. The tension between fury and forgiveness, between anger and calm, between love and hate and life and death, isn't just thematic, but woven into the sonic fabric of these songs.
Track Listing:
1. Temple Grandin
2. Children of God
3. Do, Re, and Me
4. Coffin Dance
5. Getting Naked, Playing with Guns
6. I Wann Rock Out in My Dreams?
7. Kokopelli Face Tattoo?
8. Best Friend
9. Linda Ronstadt?
10. Deathlessness
11. Temple Grandin Too
12. Angel of Death